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Qualifying School 2013

After a fast paced spring I have decided to take a few weeks to gain some perspective. The short game work I have been putting in has shown me some of what it’s going to take to get my game in the proper form. I have also learned quite a bit about what it takes to keep the big numbers off the card.

The biggest change in my life this year has been the release of my latest book, “The Square to Square Swing”. It has been really cool to see the book go from idea to finished product. I wrote the book for two reasons. One, to give players a good explanation of a simple swing method. Two, to hopefully create a little income. So far the feedback has been phenomenal! I have heard from golfers all over the world who have found the book helpful. Also, I am starting to see some extra income flow in! 

Now that I can rely a little on this extra income, I can focus on keeping my short game sharp. That is an aspect of the game that I had been neglecting. I was hitting over 13 greens in regulation per round in the first half of the year and still shooting over par. To give you an idea, Phil Mickleson hit just over 12 greens in regulation for his career and has over 40 wins! Since putting my short game drills in play, I have seen crazy good results in just a short period of time. Just two weeks after I started the drills, I shot 72, 71 in New Orleans in really tough conditions.

Now that I can trust my short game, I know I don’t have to hit amazing shots. This takes the pressure off the tee shot and the approach shot. I know that even a 500 yard par 4 is going to be a par most of the time with my normal swing off the tee. I used to look at the length hole and think I had to hit a bomb off the tee to shorten the approach shot. Now I just focus on hitting the fairway and know that even with a less than perfect approach I can get up and down.

I have a few weeks to prepare for the Pre-Qualifier in September. Everything is falling into place and I look forward to being ready to make it through this stage. I’ll be posting a video soon on the Qualifying School process so if you aren’t following my youtube channel click the link below.

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Thanks to everyone for all the great support!

Written by Sam Goulden — January 31, 2013